arlynn_ku (arlynn_ku) wrote in kobold_ugly,

No server maint

I don't think many people were aware of this but last night there was no regular tuesday night server shutdown. may have been sue to that one earlier in the week when a few last minute defias kills had to be squeezed in to complete a quest.

At anyrate we picked up a new guild member, who is in the process of transfering some high level characters over from another server. The other characters are probably not in keeping with our theme and so will be doing thier own thing, but it means we have some friends out there.

Also Madeliene sent a whole bunch of gear to the Bank, it had not made it to the bank's mailbox when I logged off to get some sleep, but I would say it will have arrived when i log on tonight, so there will be a bank inventory update sometime tonight.
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